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DrawWiz-This is my girlfriend

Countless facial components are available; Various embellishment can be added to beautify face; One tap to save your
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20 August 2014

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Ever wondered what would your dream girlfriend look like? Well now with DrawWiz, no need long wait to see her face - you can create a hand-drawn style portrait of your perfect girl and satisfy your curiosity immediately.
Have you ever upset yourself that you can't draw at all? Try DrawWiz - it will make drawing Easy & Fun. Just like collage anime image from parts. Let your imagination work. Everyone can be an artist.
Each women you love, your girlfriend, your mother, your sister, your daughter, or whomever she is, even the one you hate, there's always a way to customize iconic looks of them and make them unique.
Hundreds of high quality parts can be picked up from DrawWiz elements database: face shapes, hairstyles, eyes, noses, mouth, eyebrows, accessories, gestures, background, and all in the colors you like - mix & match them into any patterns as you want.
Save the facial artwork you made as your or other's profile photo for any SNS Services, or share it on facebook, twitter or other social networks to surprise and impress your friends.
Simply slide your fingers, and get the girlfriend of your dreams.

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